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Aukstā ūdens grods
Amatas upe
Amataas upe
Laulību ceremoniju vieta upes krastā
Amatas upe pie sporta laukumiem
Sporta laukumi
Smilšu volejbola laukums

* Sauna & contrast swimming-pool complex with cold water tub (next to Little Fireplace Hall, it has separate entrance, car parking, exit to inner yard). Price for private rent starting from €25/ first hour and €15/each next hour. For private event from €30/h.
* Hydromassage hot tub with LED lights: €100-170 (private rent, tub is already hot with extra wood for fire). Can be used all day and night (after 22:00 quiet hours).
* Huge sandy swimming area (pound - more that 0.5 hectares with clear water)
* Sports fields next to the river and pound (beach volleyball, football,  big camp fire-place).
* 2.7 km territory boundary with river Amata
* Inside: Ping-Pong tables, novuss, table-football, board-games, fireplaces.
* Walking trails
* Places for tents (prices from € 10/tent)
* Fishing places
* 3 mangal grills (rent €5, charcoal etc. for extra € 10.) 
* Children's playground and huge trampoline.
* Entertainment: books, magazines, board games, toys for kids ...

**Prices may vary depending on the season and actual offer.


*Wonderful city Cesis with medieval castle, 2 parks, good restaurants, exhibition halls, concert hall, cinema etc. Nature trails, mini Zoo, swimming pool and more places to visit:
o Bille suggest:

And of course Forest trail:

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