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1. GOLDEN HALL: 150m2, (with double doors can be joined with Fireplace Hall). Golden Romantic-Jugend style paintings on the walls and ceilings, big masonry fireplace (made from river stones), chandeliers, adjustable intensity lighting, high ceilings with good acoustics, picturesque views of the woods and waters.

2. FIREPLACE HALL: 150m2, (with double doors can be joined with Golden Hall). Romantic wall-paintings, big masonry fireplace (made from river stones) and a masonry bar counter, a terrace 60m2, which offers picturesque views of the woods and waters.

3. LITTLE FIREPLACE HALL: 80m2, located at the sauna&swimming-pool complex. Wall and ceiling paintings in Venetian-style, big masonry fireplace (made from river stones), exit to the paved courtyard (walking trails, mangal grill), car parking.  Can be perfectly combined with sauna & swimming-pool complex. Spacial seminar-lights.

Rent price from € 100/per day, depending on the selected hall, season, type of event, number of guests and agreement. Whiteboards with equipment are included in the price. 



* Total 24 rooms (many with two bedrooms) for up to 110 people. (Using extra beds)
* 3 special LUX rooms
* Standard double, triple, family rooms ...
* Economic budget rooms with lots of beds, particularly suitable for large celebrations.


* Prices from € 10/person. per night
* Special thematic offers
* Discounts in cold seasons as well as for 2 and more nights

* You can see pictures in "Hotel" section

ACTIVITIES and more:


* Catering: You are welcome to choose catering company to Your own liking.

* Sauna and seasonal swimming pool complex with cold water tub.
* 14 hectares of inner territory which goes along with river Amata for more that 2.5 km.
* Huge pond with sandy beach, clear and warm water, beach volleyball, football pitch, places for tents, large raised type fireplace. All this is located on the bank of the river Amata!
* 3 large mangal type barbecue
* Paved courtyard for activities.
* We recommend florists, decorators, car hire, event managers, etc.
* You can see more pictures in other sections and Bille's Instagram profile.


For prices call the owner Izabella on 29221082 or write to


Our prices are flexible: we will try to fit Your budget! :)

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